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We're real positive about Pirate's, and that was truly timing and Pirate's will have a strong second half of the year and among others. Net sales for the second quarter oprah weekend coupons increased I mean, certainly, consumption trends in our categories at least — certainly over the last few years and a little bit more in this first half of the year, had been a little bit more negative than we want.

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And we competed where it made sense, and as I said earlier in my remarks, we walked away from private label business that prices just got too low, it made no sense. And as we all pay attention to the category and create new innovation and excitement, it's moving the bg food coupons category, and that's a win for everybody who succeeds in the category.

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Net sales for most of our other brands, including Ortega, Bear Creek, and Mama Mary's were down for the quarter, generally in line with their overall categories.